Erie Canal Road Trips

The New York State Canal System is within a day’s drive (400) miles of 14 states, two Canadian providences as well as Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, New York City, the nation’s largest city and Washington D.C.  The nation’s capital.  Most visitors arrive by car, others come by Amtrak, whose routes north and west follows the Erie and the Champlain Canals.  Airports in Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse and Albany link the region to the rest of the world.  The Greyhound / Trailways system offers bus service through all the major cities.  Car rentals are available throughout the region, making it easy to drive to smaller destinations after arriving by air, train, boat or bus.

“Erie Canal” by Deborah Williams

At over 500 miles long, the best way to visit the Canal might be by vehicle.  Whether it’s the scenery of the Champlain Canal, the history of the Erie or the ability to visit the more than 40 wineries that line the shores of Cayuga and Seneca Lakes.

You can stay at any of the many hotels, or bed & breakfasts within the Canal Corridor, or if you’re a camper stay at one of the more than 75 campgrounds within the corridor. If roughing it is a bit more your style stay on the shores of the Erie at any of the 55 locks along the system for free.

Check out some of the sample road trips within the site, or connect with one of the tour operators listed on the site.  These tour operators can plan, day, multi-day or week long trips that can provide you with a variety of experiences, such as biking, kayaking, renting a boat or taking a cruise on the Canal.

Geo-Tourism is defined as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place, it’s environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. There may be no better place to experience this type of tourism than by planning a visit to the Erie Canal.

Road Trip News & Articles

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    Art & History Along The Erie Canal

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    It’s A Wonderful Life Seneca Falls

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  • EERIE HALLOWEEN! At The Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

    EERIE HALLOWEEN! At The Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

    While the Erie Canal has closed for the season the events keep coming and at the Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum Museum October is full of events starting with pumpkin carving on Oct. 19th. & 20th.                   Thursday Oct. 19th. 5pm-7pm                 Friday Oct. 20th. 5pm-7pm   Deadlines to attend for free is Oct. […]
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