No Fees For Recreational Boating On The Erie Canal For The 2017 Navigational Season

No Fees For Recreational Boating On The Erie Canal For The 2017 Navigational Season

The Canal is open and in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of construction of the Erie Canal, The New York State Canal Corporation has announced that there will be no fees for recreational boaters this season. Now we want to emphasize that the normal fees are quite nominal, ranging from $50 to $100 depending on length of boat for a season’s worth the ability to travel the canal and utilize the systems more than 50 locks dozens of lift bridges and more than 524 miles of navigable waterways.

This season as part of the celebration there are events scheduled throughout the season and here at the New York Boater we will be highlighting events throughout the year.

As a boater, I can’t stress this enough, you need to get out on the Canal this season, you will not be disappointed. Did you know that a lot of towns and villages along the Canal, don’t charge anything for transient docking and the ones that do charge as little as $9 dollars a night and as much as $1.00 per ft. this includes electric, water, wi-fi, showers and lounges. As a boater, you will not find these opportunities anywhere else but the Erie Canal. How about trailering your boat to any of the more than 100 boat ramps along the canal and begin your trip there. What about the ability to charter your own canal boat or house boat for a week or more trip along the Canal.

We will be providing an ongoing list of events along the Canal this season as well as letting you know where the New York Boater will be starting with Canal Days in Seneca Falls on July 7th, 8th, and 9th. and going throughout the summer and into the fall.


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