The USS Slater begins her 20th year afloat in Albany NY

The USS Slater is open to the public for the ship’s 20the season. Since she first arrived in Albany, the USS Slater has been described as one of the best restored, most historically accurate World War II ships in the world. A National Historic Landmark, the USS Slater is the only remaining World War II Destroyer Escort afloat today in the US.

Destroyer Escorts originally were designed to battle Nazi U-Boats while escorting conveys across the Atlantic. There versatility proved useful in the Pacific defending task forces from Kamikaze attacks. Numerous Destroyer Escorts continued to serve during the Korean and Vietnam wars. The current US Navy Fleet’s Frigates are descendants of these small ships.

The USS Slater last saw service in Greece’s Navy as “Aetos” (Eagle) in 1951 the Slater, along with three sister ships was transferred to the Hellenic Navy. She served 40 years as a patrol and training ship before retiring and being towed back to the US.

Originally there were 563 Destroyer Escorts that sailed the North Atlantic, today only one remains afloat in the US.

Moored on the Hudson River in Albany, NY the USS Slater has undergone an extensive restoration that has returned the ship to her former glory. The museum offers hour-long guided tours, youth group overnight camping and a historic location to hold naval reunions.

Located at 141 Broadway Albany NY, the USS Slater Destroyer Escort Historical Museum is open from April through November from Wed. through Sunday from 10 am. – 4 pm.