About Fort Ann

Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, Fort Ann, New York, held secrets as ancient as the whispering pines that surrounded it. The town’s heartbeat echoed in the gentle ripples of Lake George and the timeworn stones of its historic sites.

Generations of families called Fort Ann home, their stories etched into the quaint streets and the timeworn buildings that lined them. One particular tale spoke of a hidden treasure buried deep within the woods, guarded by

the spirits of the Mohican tribe who once thrived in the region. Locals spoke in hushed tones of a mysterious glow that illuminated the forest at night, hinting at the otherworldly guardians.

The town’s historic marker, the Old Stone House, stood as a silent witness to centuries gone by. Built in 1776, it had weathered wars and witnessed the ebb and flow of time. Its walls murmured tales of soldiers seeking refuge during the Revolutionary War and the whispers of clandestine meetings held within its sturdy embrace.

As seasons changed, so did Fort Ann, transforming into a haven for nature lovers, historians, and those seeking solace in the embrace of the mountains. In every sunrise over Lake George and every rustle of leaves in the autumn breeze, Fort Ann continued to tell its story—a narrative woven with threads of history, mystery, and the enduring spirit of a small town in upstate New York

News & Events

We are on the lookout for news and events in Fort Ann. Please check back soon for upcoming activities and reports from Fort Ann!

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