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The Erie Canal is often referred to as the most underutilized recreational resource in NYS.  While that may be a true statement, the fact of the matter is it’s not for lack of opportunity.  While boating might be the activity most think of regarding the canal,  Biking might be the fastest growing!

The ability to bike the canal corridor is growing in popularity as well as in quality.  Each year the NYS Canal Corporation as well as NYS continue to not only improve the quality of the trail, but also have been continuing to lengthen and fill in the missing areas along the way.

As you explore the site you will continue to come across resources for the biker planning a trip through the Canal Corridor.

Our directory will contain listings that are beneficial for the Bicyclist such as where to locate bike shops, in addition the directories will contain information on where to stay.  There will be numerous articles throughout the site on the bicycling experience as you travel through different areas of the Canal Corridor.  There will be trip planning tips, from those experienced in biking the Erie Canal.   As always please take the time to sign up to become a member of the site, it’s FREE and it will allow you to create your own trip itinerary, allow for you to save to your favorites page as you locate venues that you want to include on your trip.  It also allows you to leave reviews for travelers who follow you.

Biking/Hiking News & Articles

  • Town of Niskayuna Cuts Ribbon on New Bike Hike Trail Extension

    Town of Niskayuna Cuts Ribbon on New Bike Hike Trail Extension

      Town Has Completed Two Extensions in 2017 and Has Three Projects Planned for 2018 Posted on: November 3, 2017 – 5:00pm Niskayuna Town Supervisor Joe Landry and Town Board Members John Della Ratta, Lisa Weber, and Bill McPartlon cut the ribbon for the new Flower Hill Multi-Use Path Connection, located at the end of […]
  • EERIE HALLOWEEN! At The Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

    EERIE HALLOWEEN! At The Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum

    While the Erie Canal has closed for the season the events keep coming and at the Chittenango Landing Canal Boat Museum Museum October is full of events starting with pumpkin carving on Oct. 19th. & 20th.                   Thursday Oct. 19th. 5pm-7pm                 Friday Oct. 20th. 5pm-7pm   Deadlines to attend for free is Oct. […]
  • The Erie Canal

    The Erie Canal

    The Erie Canal About: The Erie Canal, often referred to the NYS Barge Canal includes 524 miles of navigable waterways throughout NYS. The Canals that make up the Erie Canal System include the Cayuga / Seneca, The Champlain, The Oswego and the Erie itself. These 4 Canals allow for travel from inland NY to anywhere […]
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