Create A New Canal NY Website

If you’re looking for a way to provide additional support for Canal NY consider a contribution towards the development of a new Canal NY web site.

The current web site continues to function but the platform it is based on has become outdated and the ability to post information and update the site continues to grow more difficult.

While a simple web site that would contain all the necessary information about Canal NY, it’s mission, and its membership could be built for as little as $2,000, what Canal NY’s real need is to create a web site that includes a membership management system.

This would give Canal NY the tools necessary to manage & grow its membership. A web site that offers Canal NY the ability to simplify its dues collection, allow for prospective members to register and pay online as well as re-new their membership each year will provide greater opportunities for growth as well as providing increased revenue throughout the year.  The budget to complete the overall project is $7,500.00.

To obtain a detailed proposal on this project please contact Bill Drage @ [email protected] or 607 467-4462



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