Towboat US Oneida Lake Under New Ownership

For boaters along a significant portion of the Erie Canal in Central NY, Towboat US continues to maintain a significant presence on the water.   Towboat US Oneida Lake has a new owner. Capt. Jake Van Reenen who also owns Towboat US services in Rochester and Clayton NY is now servicing Oneida Lake as well as covering a significant portion of the Erie Canal. Oneida Lake which at 22 miles long and 5 miles wide is the largest lake wholly within New York State. Boaters transiting on the Erie Canal pass directly across Oneida Lake and Towboat US is the only major towing organization with any presence on the Erie Canal.

All Towboat US boats are easily recognizable with its red hull and white logo. They operate a 23’ Pacific aluminum workboat powered by a 225-hp Yamaha outboard. The can respond to a significant portion of the Erie Canal by trailering their boat to the nearest put in and can tow boats through the locks. With unlimited towing packages starting as low as $72.00 per year, knowing that there is a service out there that can bring you fuel, jump start their engine or tow them off a sand bar or at the very least get them back to port safely without a large towing bill is a very comforting feeling. Towboat US Oneida Lake can be reached by hailing VHF Chanel 16, by tapping the new Boat US app or by calling the company directly at (315) 775-4114 or by phoning the Boat US dispatch center at (800) 391-4869 Towboat US Oneida Lake Captains are on duty 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to assist boaters, they are based at the Brewerton Boat Yard.


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