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As the holiday season approaches, Canal NY is busy planning for 2018. Our open meeting held on Oct. 30th in Waterford at the Erie Canalway Heritage Organizations’ visitor center was a great success.  The meeting was well attended and with three employees of the NYS Canal Corp in attendance, it provided the opportunity to ask questions as well as listen to what the Canal Corporation had to say about their first year under control of the New York Power Authority and what we could expect moving forward.  This was a great opportunity for the board to listen to existing membership from that portion of the state as well as having the ability to meet some potential new members who were in attendance.  We will be back in the eastern region again in 2018!

The board held a conference call meeting on Nov. 15th. There was a full agenda for the board to consider during that meeting and first up was elections of officers. Continuing in their current positions were

Chairperson     Bill Drage

Vice Chair         Michelle Vennard

Treasurer           Peter Wiles

Secretary           The position is still open, Mercedes Niess has offered to assist the organization during

                           her off season

Board Members, Vicky Daly and Marie Cramer have been busy updating the organizations by-laws and mission statement.

A new Mission Statement was offered and approved by the board. There are still some ongoing discussions regarding potential changes to the By-Laws .

The board has also agreed to re-create the existing Canal NY web site, this should be completed during the first quarter of 2018

With the hard work of Marketing Committee chairperson Lori Solomon, Canal NY will once again be attending the NY Times Travel show. In addition, the marketing committee has developed a list of marketing programs that members can participate in for 2018. The complete list including levels of participation will be included in your dues notices being mailed out this month.

The programs below are all available for members to participate in

  • New York Times Travel Show 2018
  • Media/Tour Operator Event 2018
  • Media/Tour Operator Fam Tour 
  • JMF Publishing & Discover Upstate NY Co-op opportunity
  • Boat Show, Long Island
  • Discover the Erie Website

Are you considering developing a project to submit to the Reimagine the Canals program? Consider including it with others being submitted by Canal NY.

Update on the www.discovertheeriecanal.com project. Directories have been completed for all the major communities along the Canal. We are entering the next phase of the project and that relates to content. Articles are being added to the site relating to both communities as well as activities such as boating the Canal, biking and driving through the Canal Corridor.

We want to promote your organization on the site. We need your help to accomplish this goal, we can publish virtually an unlimited amount of content, pictures, videos and information about events etc.

Help us build our social media reach by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. 2018 is going to be a big year for the site as we continue to work to be the number one source for information on the NYS Canal System

Thanks to all of you for your hard work throughout the year and we extend our hope that you all enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season!



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